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I produce Welsh Lamb and Pedigree Welsh Pork in the heart of Mid Wales, specialising in Native breeds.


I produce Pedigree registered Balwen and Torddu (Badger Face Welsh) sheep along with Improved Welsh Mountain ewes giving me excellent Welsh Lamb. The Balwen Ewes and Badger Face Sheep go to the pedigree Ram and the Welsh Ewes go to my Welsh Tups; 'Allen & Fernando'.


Most of the male offspring from the sheep and all piglets are then fattened and butchered professionally, and then sold via this site and through local butchers.


This site is a link for all consumers in Britain to allow you the access to obtain quality meat and purchase livestock online, including Tups, Sows and Piglets.








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Supplying the UK with naturallly grown pedigree and native produce.

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