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Following the purchase of the Balwens, we have decided to try the Torddu Ewes (known as Badger Face Welsh Mountain).


They produce larger lambs than the Balwens, and are slightly less flighty!


(This picture shows the original flock purchased in the NSA in 2011)







When the Badger Face Ewes came to the farm I left the new Torddu tup (Bodger) in with them.


In February 2012 I had a surprise as the tup had obviosuly got straight to work in the field.


(These lambs are around 25 minutes old, and as you can see, their natural instinct is to suckle)







This picture shows one of the Badger Face Welsh Lambs with her mum behind.


The Lamb is four months old and i am very pleased with her markings.


If you would like to purchase any of the Rhaeadr Torddu Sheep then visit out Livestock Sales page.













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